Portable Pilates Bar Kit

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A svelte shape and sculpted glutes in 10 days

Exercise anytime anywhere with the Portable Pilates Bar Kit! This sturdy bar features foot straps that allow you to use it for a variety of exercises. Just a few minutes of exercise each day at home will allow you to tone your glutes and whole body from your first day of exercise!

Portable Pilates Bar Kit
No more need to hit the gym
✅ Workout in the comfort of your home
✅ Save time and money
Portable Pilates Bar Kit
Big results, small price

No need to pay for an expensive gym subscription! This low-cost toning accessory allows you to do exercises at home, with no barriers. So you can save money while toning up every day. This innovative bar targets the glute muscles, so you’ll be working your glutes hard to achieve fast results. And so much more!

Portable Pilates Bar Kit

The Pilates Bar is versatile. A wide range of exercises allow you to work each and every muscle of your body, whether in your living room, on your lunch break, in the park or in front of the TV between episodes of your favorite series.

Portable Pilates Bar Kit

While general fitness exercises tend to target the leg muscles, pilates bar focuses on the whole body, delivering exceptional customer satisfaction when it comes to the glute muscles.

Portable Pilates Bar Kit

With this pilates bar, you ensure fast and long-lasting results!

Visible results after 10 days !

What’s more, you can adjust the elasticity of this innovative sports accessory to suit all levels. Adjust the bar as you progress to optimise your training.

Portable Pilates Bar Kit

Material: Steel + Rubber + EVA foam
Size: Measures 36 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches (L x W x H) when assembled
Color: Pink / Purple / Blue

Package Include:
1 x Portable Pilates Bar