Cupping Therapy Set - Suction Cup Therapy Kit for Back Pain Relief, Cellulite Treatment, Massage

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Manage Pain And Soreness At Home with Cupping Therapy Set!

Enjoy professional at-home muscle support and pain rescue for instant and significant relief from muscle pain, aches, and soreness. Our easy to use Cupping Therapy Set makes it easier than ever to enjoy cupping therapy-- all from the comfort of your home!

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"Cupping is great, I am hooked. Every time I feel pain around my shoulders, back, neck, etc. I hurry home and I am cupping. For me it works wonders and it does reduce pain and tightness in a matter of 10 minutes." - Tina V.

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Cupping Benefits
  • Muscle Relief - Cupping helps to release stiffness, and tension in the neck, back, shoulders, stomach, and legs that result from daily activities, workouts, and daily stress.
  • Pain Relief - Cupping targets soft tissue with pressure applied to pain points and areas of swelling. This helps to increase blood flow and release tension buildup under the skin.
  • Cost Efficient - Affordable and eliminates the need for expensive massage therapists or chiropractic treatments
  • Detoxifying - Poor circulation can lead to a buildup of toxins inside the body's tissues. Cupping helps to improve stagnation while the blood rushing to the area thats being treated carries away toxins.
  • Break up Cellulite - Cupping helps reducing skin inflammation and even diminish cellulite. It even brings more nutrients to the skin to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.
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How Does It Work?
Cupping feels just like a deep tissue massage! But Instead of applying pressure to the muscle, the suction uses inverse pressure to lift pressure from tense muscles! The suction cup therapy kit is easy to use in a few simple steps. Once you connect to the air tube to the cup, you can control the amount of suction from the pump, according to your comfort. You can choose whether to relax your body or massage the cup in any area you choose.

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Non Surgical Cellulite Treatment

Cupping helps reducing skin inflammation and even diminish cellulite. It even brings more nutrients to the skin to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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Package Includes:
12 x Biomagnetic Suction Cups
1 Vacuum Hand Gun
1 Hose
1 Set of Instructions

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