Stainless Steel Luxury Shower Panel System


Experience A Shower Like No Other

This 4-in-1 shower panel system combines a rainfall shower, waterfall shower, body massage jets and handheld shower to deliver the ultimate soaking experience in your home. The 4-mode shower will soothe your muscle and get you relaxed. It also gives a luxurious new look and feels to your shower room.

shower panel tower

Rainfall and Waterfall Shower Head - Rain shower provide a gentle, rain-like feeling for total body coverage; Waterfall shower gets water splashed onto your head softly, giving you a great relaxing experience; Non-clogging rubber nozzles for easily rubs away dirt with fingers wipe.

rain waterfall shower head

4 Massage Jets & Hand Shower - The 4 angle-adjustable body sprays will maximum pulsation force for an amazing and powerful shower massage. This convenient shower wand with long and flexible hose get to hard reach places with ease.

body massage jets

Temperature Control - This shower tower makes it easy for you to switch between hot and cold water. With the LCD screen’s help, you can check the water temperature of the shower panel system.

rain shower head temperature display

Premium Quality Material - The shower panel is made of stainless steel and brass to last for many years to come. Its strong construction, paired with the fact that it is pre-plumbed for easy installation, makes this shower system a great upgrade to your bathroom.


Shower Panel Product Details:

Faucet Body Material: Brass
Panel Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Finish: Fingerprint-free Brushed Nickel shower system
Hand Shower: Engineering Grade Plastics ABS, PVD Plating
Shower Hose: 59" chrome hand shower hose
Installation Method: Wall Mounted
Functions: Six Modes (Rainfall, Waterfall, Horizontal Massage Spray 2-setting, Hand Shower, Water Spout)
Product Dimension: 55.11"x18.3"x8"
Weight: 26.4IB


Your shower panel system will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. After shipment, your order will be delivered within 4-9 days from our warehouse in the USA.