Solar Phone Charger, 20000mah Solar Power Bank Portable Panel Battery Charger for iOS Android

Wireless Solar PowerBank with Light

No more low-battery! With this solar phone charger, you can stay charged anywhere the sun shines! Perfect for your daily charging & outdoor activities. it can get you solid power supply/lighting in any harsh environment. Get this solar charger today and power your device at Full-Speed anytime, anywhere.

Features of the Solar Powered Battery Charger:

Powerful Battery
Equipped with a powerful 20,000mAH Lithium-ion battery that can charge your device up to 8 times.

Wireless Charging
A wireless charging pad for wireless charging enabled phones. No wires, No mess.

With three USB ports and a wireless charging pad, you can charge up to four devices at the same time. The portable solar charger features a fast-charging Micro-USB input.

Solar Powered
Use the sun for free and take advantage of powerful solar panels. The portable solar charger can be powered by a 5V/2A adapter or solar. Charging time will depend on sun exposure and the target device.

solar powered battery charger

LED Light
A powerful and bright LED with enough lighting output to light a large sized room. Perfect while camping, power outages or signaling for emergency roadside assistance.

Tough Exterior
We are all a little clumsy sometimes. IPX4 water-resistant and shockproof while being lightweight makes the solar powered power bank ideal for indoor and outdoor environments.